Egon Development

Ariel's Projects

Public Releases

  1. Egon text editorv1.12
  2. Egon data sciencev0.24
    • PandasGui
    • NumpyGui
    • Egon data visualization
  3. Egon calculatorsv0.6
  4. Minecraft clonev0.1

In Development / Pending

  1. Image editor
  2. Tower defence game
  3. Screen recorder
  4. Auto clicker
  5. Discord bot

(colors used to display the probability of the projects to come to light)

What is "Egon"?

Egon is my brand of software products that I created
in my free time to learn python and take my skills further.
I've ensured that Egon has excellent products and delivery,
and I'm updating them when I have free time (:

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